Rinsen Tea Cup / Ink Spray


An understated, simple tea cup gently made by the artisans of Riso Porcelain from Arita, Saga Prefecture. This pale blue celadon expresses as peaceful ambiance, perfect for any settings and pairs beautifully with the celadon teapot which is also available in store.

  • Area: Arita, Saga Prefecture
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: φ60 (rim) x h63mm
  • Please Note: This product does not come with its own box. 

這是一款低調且簡約的茶杯,由佐賀縣有田市的Riso Porcelain 瓷器工匠手工製作而成。淡藍色的青瓷表現出寧靜的氛圍,適合任何環境,也可完美搭配本店發售的青瓷茶壺使用。

  • 區:佐賀縣有田
  • 材質:瓷
  • 尺寸:φ60(邊)x h63mm
  • 備註:本產品不附帶包裝盒。

Brand: Riso Porcelain

An Arita ware manufacturer. Based on traditional "ko-imari" methods, they infuse digital technology into their production. These innovative creations are gaining popularity among many chefs around the world.

成立於1957年的有田瓷器製造商。他們根據傳統的方法“ Ko-Imari”,將數碼技術引入生產。他們的創新作品吸引了來自世界各地的廚師。

More Story:
Japanese Crafts Online Media: KOGEI STANDARD

Arita ware

Generic name of porcelain made mainly in Arita, Saga Prefecture. Arita is the first porcelain producing area in Japan. It is also called “Imari ware” as it was shipped from Imari port during the early days. 



Instructions for use

To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

  • Wash before first use with water or warm water.
  • This item is dishwasher friendly, however please avoid putting it in an overloaded dishwasher.
  • It can be used in the microwave. But please refrain from immersing it in water immediately after heating, as it will easily crack due to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Do not use in oven or on open fire.
  • Clean the product with a non-abrasive, soft scouring pad.
  • For your own safety, do not use any item that is chipped or cracked.
  • As these are handmade products, each piece will look slightly different.



  • 首次使用前,請用水或溫水清洗。
  • 此產品可在洗碗機中使用,但請避免將其放入過載的洗碗機中。
  • 此產品可以在微波爐中使用,但請不要在加熱後立即將其浸入水中,因為溫度的突然變化很容易導致裂開。
  • 請勿在烤箱或明火中使用。
  • 用非研磨性,軟百潔布清潔產品。
  • 為了您自己的安全,請不要使用任何已經破裂的產品。
  • 由於這些都是手工製作的產品,因此每件產品的外觀都會略有不同。

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