GOSU Small Bowl Set


This bowl set is made using “Dami”, a painting technique using a large brush. The five hues of “Gosu (cobalt pigment)” varies slightly depending on the season when the piece is made. Fresh gosu in summer and a dignified gosu in winter.

  • Area: Yoshida, Saga Prefecture
  • Brand: SOEKYU GOSU
  • Material Porcelain
  • Size: φ70 x h30mm
  • This product comes with its own box.

該碗組使用“ Dami”製作,這是一種使用大型筆刷的繪畫技術。“Gosu(鈷藍色塗料)”的五種色調會因製作時的季節而略有不同。夏天時的鈷藍色感覺較新鮮活潑,冬天時的鈷藍色感覺較端莊高貴。

  • 區域:佐賀縣吉田市
  • 材質:瓷
  • 尺寸:φ70x h30mm
  • 該產品附有盒子。


Brand: Gosu

Gosu is a brand produced by Soekyu Seitosho, a manufacturer of Hizen Yoshida ware. By applying a traditional painting technique called "dami" they express five shades of Gosu blue.

肥前吉田燒瓷器製造商Soekyu Seitosho生產的品牌。通過應用稱為“ Dami”的傳統繪畫技術,他們可以表現出五種不同深淺的Gosu藍色。

More Story:
Japanese Crafts Online Media: KOGEI STANDARD



A cobalt blue glaze containing cobalt oxide pigments. Gosu itself is a blackish mineral, but after reduction firing, the color changes to blue. Currently, it is difficult to obtain natural Gosu. Therefore, a compound that mixes cobalt and iron are being used prevalently.



Instructions for use
To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:
  • Wash before first use with water or warm water.
  • This item is dishwasher & microwave friendly, however please refrain from putting it in an overloaded dishwasher.
  • Do not use in oven or on open fire.
  • Clean the product with non-abrasive, soft scouring pad.
  • For your own safety, do not use any item that is chipped or cracked.
  • As these are handmade products, each piece will look slightly different.



  • 首次使用前,請用水或溫水清洗。
  • 可以放在洗碗機或微波爐中使用,請不要將其放入過載的洗碗機中。
  • 請勿在烤箱或明火中使用。
  • 用非研磨性,軟百潔布清潔產品。
  • 為了您自己的安全,請不要使用任何已經破裂的產品。
  • 由於這些都是手工製作的產品,因此每件產品的外觀都會略有不同。 

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