Chopstick Rest / 5pcs set


These leaf-shaped chopstick rests are crafted using the materials and techniques of cherry bark ware. Four different types of wood are sliced and ironed with a heated trowel using the "katamono" crafting technique. The veins of the leaves are expressed with the grain of the wood arranged in a herringbone pattern. The curve structure prevents the chopsticks from rolling off. It is a delightful set that will add some fun and colors to your dining table.

  • Area: Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture
  • Brand: DENSHIRO
  • Material: Cherry bark, walnut, cherry, maple and natural wood
  • Size: W38 x D55 x H12mm
  • This product comes with its original box.


    • 地區:秋田縣角館
    • 品牌:DENSHIRO
    • 材料:日本櫻桃樹樹皮、胡桃木、櫻桃木、楓木和天然木材
    • 尺寸:W38 x D55 x H12mm
    • 該產品附有盒子。

    Brand: Denshiro

    A 170-year-old Kabazaiku (traditional Japanese cherry bark craft) maker in Akita Prefecture. Studio Fujiki Denshiro was established as a Kabazaiku wholesaler in the early years and transformed into a leading manufacturing studio by the late sixth-generation owner. 

    在秋田縣擁有170年歷史的"樺細工"(日本傳統櫻花樹皮工藝)製造商。 <角館 伝四郎 >早年作為樺細工批發商而成立,並由已故的第六代代表將其轉變為製造工作室。

    Instructions for use

    To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

    • Wipe products occasionally with a soft cloth along the grain of the wood.
    • Use products for their intended purpose only.
    • To avoid peeling, keep away from water.
    • Do not leave in highly humid conditions for an extended period of time.
    • Do not use the product in places subject to water to keep out mold. In case of getting wet, please wipe with a dry cloth.
    • To prevent distortion, cracks, and color deterioration, avoid direct sunlight.
    • Do not use it in a dishwasher, microwave or oven.
    • As these are handmade products made of a natural material, each piece will look slightly different.



    • 請間中用柔軟的布沿著木紋擦拭產品。
    • 僅將產品用作指定目的使用。
    • 為避免剥落,請遠離水源。
    • 請勿長時間放置在高度潮濕的環境中。
    • 請勿在有水的地方使用本產品,以免發霉。萬一沾濕了,請用乾布擦拭。
    • 為防止變形、裂開或變色,請避免陽光直射。
    • 請勿在洗碗機、微波爐或烤爐中使用。
    • 由於這些都是手工製作的產品,因此每件產品的外觀都會略有不同。

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