Enjoying Tea with Houhin teapot

Japanese tea is usually enjoyed at a lower temperature, between 50 to 70 degrees Celcius (depending on the type) compared to Western or Chinese tea, which is commonly brewed at a higher temperature. Therefore, a handle-less teapot called “Houhin,” which is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, is the perfect teaware to have to cherish the authentic flavor and aroma of Japanese tea deeply.

跟通常在較高溫度下沖泡的西洋茶或中國茶相比,日本茶通常在較低的溫度下享用,一般在50 至 70 攝氏溫度之間(取決於類型), 因此,能舒適地握在手心的無柄茶壺“寶瓶”,可充分帶出日本茶真正味道和香氣的完美茶具。

Water Preparation / 準備飲用水

Getting the right temperature is crucial when making Japanese tea. If the water is too hot, it will result in an astringent and bitter taste. However, when you get the right temperature, the tea’s natural umami flavor will infuse beautifully, and you can enjoy a smooth, almost velvety, delicious savory taste.

To get the right temperature, you can use a thermometer. However, the traditional practice of pouring the hot water back and forth between the houhin and the “yuzamashi” (water cooler) a few times is practical and pleasing to the senses. It is said that each time you pour out the water into another vessel, it will decrease the temperature by about 10 degrees Celcius. Therefore, use this technique to get the ideal water temperature for your chosen tea leaves. Enjoy the sound of water and calm your mind during this process of preparing for tea



Adding Tea Leaves: 添加茶葉

Add your preferred amount of tea leaves into the houhin. As a general guideline, add 2 teaspoons to serve 2 cups of tea. Using a houhin allows you to enjoy tea at its most concentrated flavor and aroma in “shots”.


Brewing the tea: 泡茶

Gently pour the hot water into the houhin, close the lid and brew. The brewing time is subjective to each type of tea, therefore please adjust accordingly. Generally, for 2 small cups of tea, pour just a little more than the 2 cups portion as the leaves will absorb some of the water.  


Pouring the tea: 倒茶:

When it is ready, pour the tea into 2 cups alternately few small drips at a time to even out the taste and consistency of each portion. It is recommended that you pour the tea till the last drop, as it contains the most savored umami flavor. Houhin is easy to hold with one hand, therefore it is one of our most recommended teaware for this purpose.


Enjoy the tea: 享用茶

Good quality tea may be brewed up to 2 to 3 times. For the second serving, brew for a shorter period of time and for the last serving, brew using a higher water temperature for a longer period of time.